Trust, pt. 2

Things I Do Not Trust (in no particular order)

  1. Corporations large and small
  2. Organic Foods
  3. People who buy organic food
  4. Anything on TV
  5. People who trust anything on TV
  6. People who proudly proclaim The Daily Show as their only source of news
  7. The benevolent owners of social networking sites
  8. People who call for the benevolent owners of social networking sites to censor speech
  9. Anyone calling for benevolent higher ups to censor speech
  10. Russia
  11. China
  12. The U.S.
  13. Excessive self-disclosure
  14. Slavoj Zizek
  15. Jeff Koons
  16. Teetotalers
  17. Moderates
  18. Computer software
  19. 27-inch Zeniths
  20. Justin Timberlake
  21. The Music press
  22. The press in general
  23. Banks
  24. Conflict avoidance
  25. Economists
  26. The Economist
  27. My turntable needles
  28. Vegans
  29. Hybrid cars
  30. Cars in general
  31. Bio-fuel’s a scam too
  32. Bono
  33. Google
  34. John Edwards strikes me as particularly disingenuous
  35. People who build their resumes
  36. Fair-trade coffee
  37. Ethical consumer products in general
  38. Bosses and supervisors
  39. People really into fantasy like Lord of the Rings and shit
  40. People into classic rock
  41. People into modern rock
  42. People who don’t like movies with subtitles
  43. People who pathologize those who disagree with them
  44. Anyone under 30, myself included

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