The most appropriate game for our trying times:


The Game of Capitalist Imperialism!

(Risk and Monopoly are both registered trademarks of Parker Brothers, Inc.) “RISKOPOLY” and its rules are the property of Daniel M. Haley
Copyright 1975, 1996 All rights reserved.

Riskopoly is a combination of the games Risk and Monopoly. Though played as a board game, Riskopoly is actually a game of negotiation, cunning, economics, and politics. As model of the “real world” Riskopoly goes far beyond its venerated parent games. The formal rules of Riskopoly are actually just a framework. The real rules are those that govern global warfare and international business. The game is best when played creatively — and always remember EXTORTION IS LEGAL!


You’d better have all day — or at least until the End of History — to play.

12 Responses to Riskopoly

  1. bored games says:

    seriously? c’mon. what? um…. huh? come over and play some wii, player.

  2. Zachary says:

    Wii? Lame.

    Kids these days won’t play anything without an LCD screen. Riskopoly is brilliant, and if you get serious people together, it doesn’t take too long…

  3. J A K says:

    I have played a few games of Riskopoly in my days. What a great game it is too. If any of the original group reads this, conact me at junk@kennytree.com and I will get you my real email address.

  4. I am the wife of Dan Haley the inventor of the game. I played a few times but not at the beginning. I am still in contact with a couple of the original players. I would be happy to send this along to them if you are interested

  5. Michael Barth says:

    I am proud to say that I am one of the original players…in fact I participated in the very first game. I recall discussing the concept at length with Dan, and his production the first (and only) outline of the rules just days later. I’d be delighted to discuss the game and its many nuances with whoever may be interested. mabs0013@mfire.com And I extend my belated sympathies and salutations to Dan’s widow, Therese and family.

  6. games says:


    I have played many……

  7. Michael Smith says:

    I too am one of the original players and pine for a good brawl! Mr. Barth, what made up the group of original players? Mr. Haley, you, me, Joe Kenny? Who am I forgetting?

  8. Michael Barth says:

    Mister Smith, surely you’ll recall at least a dozen others once reminded. I too am pining for another contest. Once my house is restored to presentable condition I’ll send out an all points bulletin to all I can find and have a good and proper session. I know that you’ll come a runnin’.

  9. Marc Splittgerber says:

    I also am proud to admit being one of the original players. Dan Haley was my best friend from our college days at Univ. of Nebraska at Omaha. We also worked together for several years at the same CPA firm. When Dan first invented the rules to Riskopoly, he sent them to Milton Bradley with a request for a meeting. The rules were returned with a message that said……”We do not solicit or accept ideas or suggestions related to board games.” Thanx MB!! Dan was also an excellent backgammon player. Both of us enjoyed skiing, and we spent many days on the slopes of Beaver Creek, Keystone, and Copper Mtn. Many apres ski evenings in the hot tub sipping martinis and reminiscing about the days of our youth. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish he was still with us. RIP my friend.

  10. cb says:

    Folks at Columbia University came up with a similar idea in the 1970s, and called it “Global Industrial Complex.”

    Peace to Therese, and all of Dan’s family & friends.

  11. Matt Barty says:

    I am also an original player as my friends and I came up with the game without any outside influence. It seems very arrogant of you to assume you had a completely original idea. People are very creative and no idea is completely original.

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