Cumbia de Novio Metrosexual

Well, this ought to get some crossover buzz for cumbia… maybe even catch some gringo ears (“Gasolina” taught us much about the cruciality of cognates).

The cute, hip, knowing style for some reason reminds me of “hipster hop” like Chicago’s Cool Kids. A kind of middle class art-student aspirational aesthetic going on here, conceptual and stylish, a strategic use of (white) punk-rock signifiers to mark a remove from the streets and the barrios. The “backlash” (are we all required to have consensus on likes/dislikes so that we can put it all in a coherent timeline of hype-backlash-acceptance?) against hipster hop seems class-related to me, and I’ll have to do some more digging (and slow translating) to figure out where Amandititita fits into all this.

Weird white liberal angst notwithstanding, a good video, and a song I hope to hear in my neighborhood soon.

Promised Ashlee review forthcoming.

2 Responses to Cumbia de Novio Metrosexual

  1. w&w says:

    speaking of backlash, any sense of how “metrosexuality” goes over in DF in the wake of the anti-emo events from a couple months back?

  2. Gavin says:

    No idea, would love if someone from La Ciudad could weigh in. My neighborhood is about 90% Mexican (and my city aboout 30%). There’s a strong emo/goth youth culture around here, but again I’m not sure how it relates to the more hip hop oriented subcult also present (not to mention the more traditional working class Mexican stuff). Don’t see much social mixing, and the emos seem to stay out of the gang activity (though again I am not privy to the vast majority of that lifestyle). I keep thinking class difference (though those borders are definitely porous): there are sizable emo/goth subcults throughout white and even black middle class here, and more potential for crossover at school/social events, and of course in the future workplace. Dudes with teardrop tattoos on their face are going to have a bit more trouble getting a job, but black eyeliner washes off. Wonder if there is any connection to the sizable Morrissey fanbase in chicano LA.

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