South Africa A&R

South African kwaito producer DJ Mujava is getting his excellent “Township Funk” released worldwide on Warp Records (and on actual VINYL) and of course everyone should get a copy. I played a small part in getting this transferred from awesome YouTube video to transportable and mixable wax, by linking to the vid at one of the exclusive internet haunts I occasion, full of all those underground movers and shakers… Ok, I embedded it on a message board, some people dug it, and someone from This Is Music actually tracked down Mujava in S’Africa to license the track in the UK. Warp picked up the international rights. And because I played such a HUGE ROLE my name will be on the label somewheres. Big ups to Luke at TIM for his super ethical dealings that even included me in the loop. Most importantly, Mujava will get some unfashionably late love and some scrilla besides. Buy it so we can get more kwaito on vinyl! Like pretty much any DJ Cleo track:


2 Responses to South Africa A&R

  1. Luke says:

    Big up your chest..

  2. Darkman says:

    sorry if i am somewhat “off topic” .. but can you please fix the link for this one:
    Translatinidad Vol 1 – Tecnorumba

    at the Divshare link provided there ( this one – ) .. when go there .. no d/l link but a msg from them that something is wrong with account.. (needs to be verified or something)

    “Sorry, this account has not been confirmed.
    The user who uploaded this file has not confirmed his or her e-mail address, so this file is temporarily unavailable. When the user’s account is confirmed, you’ll be able to download it again. If you have any questions, e-mail us…”

    Can you please fix that, if any possible.. or re-up that release..
    It’s looks great .. and i want to listen to it!

    Thanks in advance.. and.. just in case .. – in any case :)

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