Halloween Radio Show

(Note: Not mine… don’t I wish)

Ok, so one (of many) reasons my blogging has dropped off is I am doing a weekly radio show (internet only unfortunately) at University of Illinois-Chicago. Every Friday from 4-6 PM CST you can listen to Conflict Diamonds at uicradio.org

This Friday (tomorrow) I’ll be doing a timely Halloween-themed show, so tune in and drop any requests you have in the comments box so I can roll with them to the station. Happy Halloween!

5 Responses to Halloween Radio Show

  1. Tony from Seattle says:

    Do you have old episodes online or even a podcast of the show? I’ll try to check out the show tomorrow.

    On a related note I recently found a good radio show podcast from WFMU in NJ. Downtown Soulville is an hour of soul music singles, you can check it out at http://wfmu.org/playlists/SV

  2. Gavin says:

    No podcasts as of yet, but once I master the studio equipment I will record shows.

  3. Tony from Seattle says:

    Cool, one request for the show. You gotta play Mistah FAB’s Ghost Ride It http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJDLRCXR2ZM

  4. Tony from Seattle says:

    I couldn’t listen live but did manage to schedule something that saved the stream. Liking what I hear so far. :)

    I put it up on rapid share, apparently only 10 downloads before it expires so use them wisely.


  5. w&w says:

    conflict diamonds = such a good name

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