Badiou on Obama, Communism

Enjoy the Symbolic. Don’t trust the state.

Badiou offering some sage advice on the Obama victory. I actually think that people in the U.S. are less sanguine about Obama than Europeans, but nicely stated all the same. Via — seems like bit of a rough translation unfortunately, but lots of nice nuggets, such as this:

We are much closer to the 19th century than to the last century.

Maybe this explains steampunk? Anyway, I can’t argue with this:

Just like maybe after 1840, we are now confronted with absolutely cynical capitalism, more and more inspired by the ideas that only work backwards: poor are justly poor, the Africans are underdeveloped, and that the future with no discernable limit belongs to the civilized bourgeoisie of the Western world. All kinds of phenomena from the 19th century reappear, extraordinarily extended forms of misery within these countries themselves.

And thus the world once again finds itself ready for the Communist Hypothesis. Not some sort of program, but the expansion of the boundaries of what is possible — true freedom and equality. This dovetails well with my fashion prognostication: Communism is about to be sexy again. Let’s reclaim the term, comrades!



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