Death List 2010

Well, after 2009’s stunning success, I can’t very well back out this year. Here are my picks for the celebrities most likely to drop dead in 2010.

1. Bernard Madoff – I can imagine the will to live is receding. Plus prison is never good for one’s health, especially with Bernie’s propensity to “fall out of bed on to his face.”

2. Fidel Castro – Never a good bet for death poolers, Castro nevertheless must drop at some point. I’m calling 2010.

3. Mickey Rooney – Really really old!

4. Gene Wilder – A bit of a wild card pick, but he’s had cancer, hasn’t looked good.

5. Helen Thomas – Had chutzpah to survive the ignominy of the Bush years, but she’s almost 90.

6. Alan Greenspan – Wishful thinking?

7. Rev. Sun Myung Moon – Newly prominent on my radar since my move to Washington D.C., this self-professed messiah and media mogul is about ready for his (next?) acsension to the afterlife.

8. Aretha Franklin – Judging from her appearance at Obama’s inauguration, her fashion sense is the only thing healthy about her.

9. Bobby Brown – Another wild card – drug problems probably haven’t improved since his divorce from Whitney.

10. Barbara Walters – Toss up between her and Burt Reynolds, but I wanted more female representation on my list. Still going strong at 80, so this could be one of 2010’s most high profile deaths.


2 Responses to Death List 2010

  1. Begrudging congrats on 2009!

    My list is on Facebook for now:

    I need to retool the wasteland that is my blog before I add it there. But looks like this is the first year where we have no overlap whatsoever. Sweet!

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