We are all

We are all

  • photographers
  • anthropologists
  • documentary filmmakers
  • DJs
  • curators
  • writers
  • journalists
  • critics
  • artists of all types
  • psychogeographers
  • gentrifiers
  • foodies
  • stylists
  • ethicists
  • pundits
  • administrators
  • managers
  • accountants
  • housekeepers

And we do it all freelance.

What have you done today?


2 Responses to We are all

  1. christopher says:

    decided that i’m leaving a jar on the refrigerator and post-its with dollar amounts in the wake of all the chores i do around the apartment. blog fodder in the end, i’m sure, but i’m putting it on my resume.

  2. ries says:

    In the future, everyone will be self-unemployed.

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