DJ Nasty’s studio

I wrote a thesis for my M.A. in Popular Culture on Detroit ghettotech, done in a cod-ethnomusicological style. I’ve made it available via the link below. Marvel at my loquacious nascent scholarship.

“Straight Up Detroit Shit”: Genre, Authenticity, and Appropriation in Detroit Ghettotech (PDF 544 KB)

I later adapted it into an article for Stylus Magazine: “Ghettotech: A Bluffer’s Guide”

2 Responses to Thesis

    • Dirty Merlin says:

      Wow just finished reading the whole thing.
      Thanks so much for sharing it.
      I really enjoyed it.

      It is especially interesting to read it now in the context of the global expansion of juke/footwork and the way Teklife and other Chicago producers have embraced that.


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