Hurricane Irene Mix

Let’s hope the power stays on, East Coast. Staying away from the most obvious stuff as well as the Katrina stuff because let’s hope it doesn’t go that way, ok?

Sonora Dinamita – El Paraguas

Herbie Hancock – Eye of the Hurricane

Neil Young – Like a Hurricane

Caetano Veloso – Irene

Willie Hutch – Stormy Weather

Grace Jones – Hurricane

Bernard Fevre – Too Much Water

The Warlocks – Hurricane Heart Attack

Hurricane Chris – Halle Berry

DJ Nasty – Hurricane

Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm

DJ Hurricane – Connect

New Edition – Can You Stand the Rain

Aventura – La Tormenta (basically the 21st century bachata version of the New Edition)

Leadbelly – Goodnight Irene

Thanks to the Tweeps who crowdsourced some of this.

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