Xmas Mix 2011


Something of a tradition ’round these parts. In the spirit of Xmas I keep the tracks separate, so you can treat ’em like Legos and re-arrange and combine to your liking. This year has lots of soca and a lil Bieber (chopped up and not slopped up), but my favorite is DJ Mingo’s reggaeton remix of “El Burrito Sabañero.”

Xmas Mix 2011 (ZIP 115 MB)

1. Traditional Ethiopian – Genna

2. Baron – Drink Ah Rum

3. Billo’s Caracas Band – Brindis Navideño

4. Unknown – Money in the Bank

5. Scarface – Thiefing Santa

6. Colm III – Christmas Tree

7. Unknown – Funk Do Noel

8. Tosin Martins – Silent Night

9. Jacob Miller – Natty No Santa Claus

10. Susan Macio – Trini Christmas

11. Justin Bieber – Christmas Eve (Screwed and Chopped)

12. DJ Mingo – Burrito Sabañero (Reggaeton Remix)

13. R. Kelly – A Love Letter Christmas

14. Fernand Gignac – Le Feu Danse San La Cheminée

15. Willie Colon – Esta Navidad

16. Professor Ken Philmore – Christmas Stagger Riddim

17. Lord Beginner – Christmas Morning the Rum Had Me Yawning

18. Los Jibaros – Decimas De Nacimiento

19. Marry Harris – Happy New Year Blues

20. Corre Guachin – Papa Noel

21. August Burns Red – God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

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